Hi everyone.

I confess that I bought this domain only because it had the .nyc thing and I though it was cool to have one. When it was assigned to me, the ISP emailed  "Congratulations! you have your .nyc. You are now part of history.
I suspect this declaration was way too emphatic, redundant. Maybe I am not part of history, yet I am glad to have a domain New York City. The city that never sleeps.

Now I have no idea what to do with it. I already have a website and a blog, both absorb all the time, energy and neurons that I can employ in this need to be on the net. Those internet spaces actually fulfill all my needs to brag, rant, curse, insult, mooch, expose and most of all, to neutralize my self-esteem and make a fool of myself.

The name: "emoubelin". Honestly I am pretty sure that nobody gives a flying crap about the name. Yet it has a specific profound meaning. It is a word from a local Italian dialect that means a number of things depending on the circumstances, the tone of your voice, how upset or amused or surprised you are. It is somewhere between "what the fuck", "cut that crap out", "the fuck you're doing" and others. It is a declination of the original word "Belin" that means almost everything, or represent any possible human feeling. Too difficult to explain to anyone who's never lived in Genoa for less than a year. As a matter of fact, that's why while up on the left of this page there is the New York City flag,  on the right hand side there is the city flag of Genoa, Italy. That's the place where I came from and where I presently spend most of my time. (that is not the whole truth either, I spend a lot of time in a small village in Piedmont).

Now I have to think. I have this kind of umbilical cord that links NYC and Genoa with me in between. No, that doesn't sound correct. It is more complicated than this, my feelings are mixes, screwed up. I am schizophrenic, bipolar, that's it.

That's a rather sophisticated representation of me, hanging loose between two culture, two continents, two different worlds, suspended with my umbilical sausage in the middle of the ocean. It took me a lot of time, totally wasted, to come up with this shit.


So anyway, this awesome domain dotnyc costs  $50 and the web space $150 to a grand total of $200 per year, so eventually I will - I must - try to upload some shit onto it so that I will feel less stupid for wasting my money and time.

New York City, NY,  October 29, 2014.